Monday, June 13, 2011

Away for a while

Hi to my followers: I will be on a hiatus from this site for a while.  My son was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia last week, so we are still in the hospital, and when we go home he is going to need lots of help from me for a while. So, I don't know when I will have the time or energy to dig into genealogy.  Though I'm thinking that in a few weeks getting a few minutes to do research will be a nice way to relax.  I may drop into post here and there, but as you can ll understand, my son needs me and my energy right now.

I'm not deleting the blog and look forward to getting back to my genealogy work.  Thanks so much.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Face of Genealogy

Photo from collection of Mary Bolt Lloyd, now
owned by Jeri L Jones
I believe this picture was taken in 1902,
the youngest boy is William Bolt who was born
in 1902

One of the many faces of genealogy: Columbus Franklin Bolt, born 26 Jul 1874 in Chambers Co, AL (my great great grandfather) holding his son James Olin Bolt, 12 Feb 1900 - 25 Nov 1971 (my great grandfather). Leola Linner Barronton, born 30 Sep 1876 (my great great grandmother) holding William Bolt, 26 Apr 1902.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sentimental Sunday - My grandmothers 91st birthday party

While I was back in Alabama for vacation I was able to be with my grandmother for her 91st birthday party. Mary Bolt Lloyd turned 91 on May 22.  It was so nice to be there with her, my mother and my aunt, but the part that really choked me up was that my 2 year old son was there also and my grandmother was all smiles watching D run around and eat cake. I don't think D will remember the party when he grows up, though I do have pictures, but I will remember that 4 generations were there that day celebrating.

Photo by j l jones
Here is my grandmother trying to keep D
from diving straight into the cake ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Powers grave site

I was lucky to be able to get up to Marion Co, TN during my trip to Alabama, and so happy to be able to find McNabb Cemetery II to see and photograph the grave sites of Thomas Powers (my 4th great grandfather) Sallie McNabb Powers (4th great grandmother).

I am very thankful to the lady working at a nearby gas station who gave me directions to the cemetery since somehow my printed map to the cemetery never made it across the country (I blame fairies). The road the cemetery sits on is a lot like a roller coaster. 12.9 miles down a twisty turny road in the rain, with the Tennessee river on my right and the mountainside on my left. The scenery was beautiful.

View of the river out of my car window
taken by Jeri L Jones

About the 4th time I thought "I'm on the wrong road, I'm lost, I didn't come all this way to not find the cemetery" there it sat, between the road and the Tennessee River, McNabb Cemetery II (well I was hoping it was II)

Gates of McNabb Cemetery II
taken by Jeri L Jones
So, though the rain was coming down good, and I could hear the thunder getting closer, there was no way I was staying in the car; all the way from Denver Co and Thomas and Sallie's graves were just a few feet away.  I wandered around not knowing which area the graves would be in and then I spotted a nicely kept group plot down the hill a bit.

Powers family plot
taken by Jeri L Jones

It was them: Sallie, Thomas, daughter Mary Jane, son Silas and his wife, 1 child of Silas and another child who may be Silas' or from another child.

Thomas Powers Jan 2, 1826-
Jan 3, 1906
(daughter Mary Jane Powers shares a stone
with her father, though she does pose a
new mystery)
Photo taken by Jeri L Jones

Sallie Powers
Mar 20, 1836-
Jan 10, 1927
Photo taken by Jeri L Jones

I also spent some time in the library and found the early deed from 1880 when Thomas Powers purchased land from David McNabb (I think David is Sallie's father, but no proof). The deed info is going to take some serious investigation since the boundaries are listed as: the Tennessee River, beginning  with a box alder on the property of Silas McNabb, passing by a walnut by the old road, thence up the mountain and cornering with the black hickories. Yep, that tells me he at least had a river view :) There are a few names listed on adjoining properties but I'm not too sure the hickories and box alder will still be a good landmark.

I took a few more pictures at the cemetery and wanted to take more but the thunder and lightning finally got close enough to make me want to take cover. I will try to get back at some point and take pictures of all the graves in the cemetery as many of them are crumbling and becoming more unreadable.  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lots and lots to share.

Hi all, I'm finally back from my trip back home to Alabama, and did I get lucky in the genealogy department.  I'll start sorting through all the pictures, books and info over the next few days and start sharing, I just wanted to say hi and that I had not forgotten about the blog while I was gone.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ready for research trip!

Ok, I've been neglecting this blog, but in my defense, I've been printing out family group sheets, questionnaires for family members, maps, and contacting libraries.  I'm heading to Alabama for my yearly visit and plan on hitting up a few (ok, 5) libraries while I'm there, so I've had to get packed and get all my genealogy paperwork in order.

I have called libraries to verify they are open, printed maps to rural cemeteries, and planned my day trip to Tennessee, oh yea, packed clothes for me and my son (I guess clothes are important).  So I think I'm ready.  I hope to be able to post while I'm away, but don't know how much.

So, to all my readers :) have a great week, I'll be digging in the stacks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Research Advice Needed, Please?

Hi all, I will finally get a chance to do some research in Marion County TN, my problem, well, I get 1 day. Yes, not much time but I will take that 1 day and make the most of it.

So here is my question: Has anyone done any research in Marion Co, TN, and if so do you have any advice on making the most of my day? I know I will spend most of the day at the library and will be venturing to McNabb Cemetery II for some photos (yippee) and possibly Walker Cemetery (still looking for some info before I go there).

Are there any secret filing cabinets that are not in plain site I might want to look at (I've heard of a few in other libraries)? Does anyone know if McNabb Cemetery is still kept up and accessible (I did post that question on with no reply).

Any bit of info on this would be greatly appreciated, I really don't want to run around in circles on my 1 day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - J. B. Lloyd (again)

Yep, that is James Buchanan Lloyd again marrying a daughter of Dr. David Adams (see this post for info his 1st marriage). 8 years after the death of his 1st wife Maggie Adams, J.B. Lloyd married Sallie B. Adams (1 of Maggie's younger sisters).  Sallie and James would continue to reside in the Pine Apple House.

More on the history of James B and Sallie soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

They spelled it how?

Ok, one of the 1st things you hear when starting out in genealogy is to try different spellings of a name. Makes sense not everyone could read or write and some just wrote what they heard, I get it. So imagine my surprise when I found a listing on findagrave for my ggg-grandparents with a spelling from way out in left field.

I've been searching for death dates and locations for George S. Hammond and Lucy Spears Hammond for a while now.  I've tried various spellings: Hammon, Hammonds, Hammons; you get the picture. That is why I was so surprised to find their names on their headstones, spelled HAMMOANE. What? Their son is buried next to them with the spelling of Hammond, so my head is spinning trying to figure out where that spelling came from.  They are in several census' with the spelling of Hammond, so did the engraver just put in something that was close? Did they get a discount for having it spelled wrong?

Whatever the reason for the spelling (though I'm going to keep searching for the reason behind it) I'm glad to have found George and Lucy, buried in the same cemetery (Pilgrims Rest, Southside in Gadsden, AL) as their daughter, Nancy Elizabeth Hammond Kilgore.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Maggie ADAMS LLOYD

We 1st met Maggie ADAMS LLOYD when I posted her and James Buchanan LLOYD's wedding announcement.  On September 23, 1883, Maggie gave birth to John Bartow Lloyd, John died 6 months later in April of 1884; Maggie died in June 1884, 2 months after her son.  Maggie and John are buried in The Adams Family Cemetery in Pine Apple, AL.

James Buchanan Lloyd will show up again soon in these posts, as will the Adams family.

Photo taken by Jeri Jones, July 2009. (Note, I hope to get better pictures of Maggie and John's tombstones when I go back to Pine Apple in May, fingers crossed the sun will cooperate when I'm there)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mystery Monday - Thomas Powers where did you come from?

Ok for this mystery Monday I'm putting Thomas Powers out there (I know I said I was putting him on a shelf for a while, but this daily prompt has brought him back down).

What I have on Thomas:

1- According to my gg-grandmother's, Rebecca Emaline POWERS MASON (1876-1943) death certificate, her parents were Thomas Powers and Sarah (Sallie) McNabb, and it states my gg-grandmother was born in Marion County TN.

2 - A brother of my gg-grandmother, William Powers (1866-1937) states his parents were Thomas Powers and Sarah McNabb.

3- Thomas Powers shows up in Marion Co, TN, 6th Civil District, in the 1870 census - in his household are Thomas, age 35, born in Ireland; Sarah 29, born in TN; Margaret age 4, born in TN; William age 2 born in TN; and Mary age 3 mnths born in TN.

4- 1880 census, Marion Co, TN, still in the 6th district, Thomas (age 55 now?) and family are still there with the addition of Silas (spelled Charlis in this census) and my gg-grandmother Rebecca. (Side note, in this census, W. H. Mason is living next door, he is the man who Rebecca would marry so I like thinking of my gg-grandparents growing up next door to each other and knowing each other well before they married and moved to Birmingham, AL).

5- 19000 census, Marion Co, TN, shows that Thomas (spelled Pyers) came to the US 60 years earlier in 1840 - I can not (at the moment) find Thomas listed on a ship in 1840, I did find a good match in 1838 arriving in Pennsylvania. Though there is a possibility he arrived in Canada and made his way south.

6 - A deed index for Marion Co, shows that Thomas bought land from David McNabb (Sarah's father?), the book is labeled 1833-1890, and I haven't seen the deed yet, but it does list him as buying land in Marion Co.

7 - Thomas deeded his land on 22 June 1903, to his son Silas Powers.

8 - The 1906 obit for Thomas I've have states that he battled cancer for over 3 years, so he may have deeded the land to his son so that his son and family could take over the farming (that is a guess). I can not find Thomas in the death index for TN, so all I have is a hand dated obit and a tombstone transcription.

9- Thomas is buried in McNabb cemetery II in Marion Co, TN - the headstone dates are - 1/2/1826 - 1/13/1906. I do not have confirmation on this birth date.

So here is the big question for me: where was Thomas prior to arriving in Marion Co, TN around 1865? Did he fight in the Civil War and for which side? I have a lead that states his wife Sarah was the daughter of David McNabb and Maragaret Long (There is a Sarah listed in the household of David and Margaret in 1860, Marion Co, but I don't have proof yet of this being her family), so if this is the correct family, the brothers of this Sarah all fought for the Union in the TN calvary, so maybe Thomas met one of the brothers while fighting?

Did Thomas have a family prior to coming to Marion Co? The 1870 census shows his age as 35, if he was born in 1826 that would actually make him 44 at the time of the 1870 census, (his age never stays consistent) so he was of an age to have been married and possibly have children. Did something happen to the 1st family? Did he up and leave them? I don't know.

Doing a search for the name Thomas Powers in the 1860 census, only leads to more hair pulling, there are close to 100 Thomas Powers in the same age group and close to half of them were born in Ireland (I have started the slow process of looking up each one of those in the following year to see if they are still there but, well, I fell lost).

I will get to do some research in Marion Co, in May so I'm hoping something leads me to more info on Thomas, a middle initial would be nice, or something.  Thomas is driving me a bit crazy at times, he just seems to have appeared out of nowhere and started a family. I want to know where he was prior to his life in TN, and when he came to the US. So, if anyone out there runs into Thomas in their research, I would love a nudge in the right direction.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sources, ARGH!

So, I've been going through all of my sources in Reunion for Mac and rewriting the source information. Let me just say how much fun that is (lots of sarcasm intended). I thought I was doing a good job of citing my sources but it seems I've omitted a few key fields here and there. Ugh!  This project is long overdue, but if I want to take my self seriously and find all of my info later, well it needs to be done.

Now the next project may require a small army of volunteers; I'm resorting and refiling all of my genealogy paperwork. If you read Paper and more Paper and you may sympathize or laugh hysterically at my situation.

So, what are the fun projects all of you are working on, outside of research? Any words of advice? Or links to filing systems you all find helpful?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesdays Child - John Bartow Lloyd

John Bartow Lloyd
Born 23 Sep 1883
Died 20 Apr 1884

Son of Maggie Hebert Adams and James Buchanan Lloyd.
Buried in Adams Family Cemetery, Pine Apple, AL
See parents wedding post

Photo taken by J. L. Jones, 2009

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surname Saturday - Jones (please don't laugh)

Jones - talk about the needle in the haystack. I won't go into the origins of the name, heck it confuses me at times, but this site Jones Genealogy has lots of great info on the origins of the name and a good article on  Jones Patronymics.

So if I'm not giving the history why did I pick the name, well, because I still get nervous jumping into my Jones research. The number of Jones'  is daunting to look at, add on all  the common names like John, Sam, George, well you get the drift.

This post is to A) admit my nervousness B) pledge to conquer my fears and jump deeper in. This feels a bit easier now with another new found distant cousin who is also looking into the Jones line. With all these new distant cousins collaborating together, we just may uncover a few more secrets and have a few extra shoulders to lean on when the brick walls seem too high. So here goes:

My Jones' men

George Washington Jones (g-grandfather) 1890-1962 born in Alabama
 Andrew Belson Jones (gg-grandfather) 1862-1936 born in Alabama
  Belson Jones (ggg-grandfather) 1822-1894 born in SC
   Benjamin Jones Jr. (gggg-grandfather) 1795-1870 (still verifying)
    Benjamin Jones (ggggg-father) 1763-1846 (still verifying)

Andrew and Belson each fathered over 10 children, so the amount of distant cousins out there is, well, a lot (I've never been known for my math skills).

So, for all the other Jones researchers out there (I know your are out there) know this: you aren't alone, and neither am I with my new found cousins. So feel free to say hi, we can share stories and yell at our Jones' together ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Pine Apple House

Well, to continue with the story of James Buchanan Lloyd and Maggie Hebert Adams, I'd like to introduce you all to the Pine Apple House. Nope, not a house that is shaped like a pineapple but the home of my gg-grandparents in Pine Apple, Wilcox Co, Alabama, we just always referred to it as the Pine Apple house.

I heard, somewhere from my grandfather (I think) that the house and land were given to James B Lloyd and Maggie H. Adams as a wedding gift from Maggie's father, Dr. David Adams (the Adams house is about 100 yards up the street). I do know my g-grandfather, James Adams Lloyd, was born in this house in 1894, and later his 3 sons were also born here, my grandfather being the 1st in 1916. How I wish those walls could tell the stories of my grandfather and his brothers running in and out of there under the eyes of their parents and grandparents.

I can't think of the Pine Apple house without thinking of sugar cane. Sugar cane grew all around the house and when I was little my grand father or my dad would sit and pull the stalk part off the cane and let us kids chew on the sugary, chewy goodness that was inside the cane. Yumm! I still try and venture off the interstate when I go home to Alabama and at least drive by the Pine Apple house, it is so nice to see a part of your family history sitting on the corner lot.

The Pine Apple house will also continue to make appearances in future blog posts.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday!

Here is the invitation for my GG grandfather, James Buchanan LLOYD (Feb 1857- Jul 1951) to his 1st wife, Maggie Hebert ADAMS (Jul 1859 - Jun 1884). The wedding took place in Pine Apple, Wilcox, Alabama.

More on this couple coming soon.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Ok, I'm a day late, but oh well here goes anyway :)

I've only been seriously researching for 2 years, though I did dabble for about 4 years prior to the addiction kicking in.  Recently I was contacted by someone from, she had seen my photo request for Belson Jones (1822-1894), buried in Polk Co, GA and inquired as to if I was related. I said that yes he was my 3rd great grandfather, and guess what, he is her 3rd great grandfather also (we come down through 1 of Belson's sons, Andrew).  We both had information the other didn't have so we started sending emails back and forth and now share a tree on so we can share info. She also introduced me via email to another distant cousin and between the 3 of us we just may bust down a few walls.  One of the greatest gifts I have received from this collaboration are 2 pictures,  1 of Andrew Jones (ggrandfather) and his wife Victoria Carter Jones (ggrandmother) and one of my ggrandfather, George W Jones, standing beside his 2 of his brothers (pic below, standing on left). (The crazy part about the picture below, my dad is the spitting image of his grandfather George W. Jones, and when I saw this picture, I was almost breathless and seeing the resemblance).

I also view this blog as being away to collaborate with others, heck you never know who you will meet and who may have that little tidbit of info that sends you climbing up a new branch.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paper and more paper

Several years ago my grandmother was placed in an assisted living facility and I was lucky enough to receive 8 large boxes of her 40+ years of genealogy paper work and research. But not just her paper work, everyone on both her side and her husband's (my grandfather)side who ever picked up a pen and wrote down something about their family lines.  This is a blessing I know, but wow, my grandmother needed a filing system and a stapler.

I have these wonderful, typed genealogies filled with pen marks where she would update her info, or add a spouse for a distant cousin, change a death date, heck sometimes she changed names all together. Just one problem, there are very few pieces of supporting evidence, or leads as to where the new info came from. Just dates and names and nothing to tell me how she got most of this information. I can tell by some of the note paper that some of the information was achieved via a phone call (I recognize the note pads that used to sit by the telephone), but I don't know who she was talking to.  One thing about my grandmother, she never hesitated to pick up the phone and call a complete stranger who she thought may have some family information for her. Another problem with these typed trees: they were never stapled or clipped together. I'm sure they were in order at one point, but after the boxes were spilled by the movers, then moved several more times before they came to me all sense of order has been lost.

There is some great source information: old copies of deeds and wills. Some very old handwritten copies of my gggrandfather's sermons and his old recipes for ailments, yes he was a doctor and a preacher. I have lots of old photos: tintypes, cabinet cards, and early black and white film photos. Some are not labeled some are, but I have them none the less. My ggrandmother's hand written practice copy of her DAR application is a real gem. I also have wedding invitations from 1880, death announcements from 1870 and loads of old letters, that I'm trying to figure out how and why they are with all of my grandmother's stuff.

I was informed today that there are several more boxes at my aunt's house and she will be sending them to me in the next month or so. Yeah, I think. As much sorting, indexing and filing as I've done on the 1st ton of information I'm still not finished and I don't know when I'll be able to get to the next boxes, though I'm super glad to have that dilemma.  I'm starting to think I need a bigger house, mostly so I can have a special genealogy only room (hubby says I may have to cut back on the number of books I bring into the house with all the genealogy paper that is piling up, that is a whole other obsession).

So, if you all hear screams of frustration in the next month or so you will know it is me; finding one more list of children, and no idea who their parents may be, or another photo of a headstone and no clue as to what line that person is connected to. But, I would not give up any of these scraps of paper or misfiled genealogies for anything. My grandmother worked hard to gather all of this information and I will work just as hard keep it all together and find the link in all of it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I haven't forgotten this blog.

I know I'm new to this but I have not forgotten about this blog. The truth is the weather has been warm and sunny so I've been spending all my time outside playing with my son. I am working on a post about my great grandmother, Katie Compton Lloyd and hope to have it ready in the next few days.

I would like to say hello and thank you to my new followers. I swear I'll get a bit more organized in writing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Putting an ancestor on the shelf

After how many hours of research do you finally put an ancestor on the shelf for a while? I will get to do research on my Thomas Powers in May when I go to Marion Co, TN, but at the moment I seem to have hit the brick wall; though I still find myself typing in his name in hopes that something new has popped up somewhere. I've gone over microfilm, I've sifted through library books and he just isn't giving me any clues at the moment.  I know I should put him away for a while, but I keep thinking that one more search will yield me something.

I have plenty of other ancestors that I'm sure would love for me to find their stories, but Thomas just won't let go. I have 2 distant cousins I've met online and they are eager for me to join in our Jones research (talk about a needle in a haystack), but every time I sit down and start going through my info, I hear Thomas Powers calling to me.

I don't have the answer to my question, but I think this blog will serve as my statement of intent to put Thomas on a high shelf for a while. I'm sure he will not go quietly, but go he must. At least until my research trip or until the Jones' send me into a brick wall.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I had...

A post planned for yesterday and today, but the great spring weather led me outside to spring clean the yard.

I'm off to the Family Search Center tomorrow to go over some microfilm I ordered and hopefully that will lead me to a celebratory post tomorrow night

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Names Please

I have a request I'd like to make to my ancestors: could you please, please use a middle initial, or middle name on your documents.  No, really, something that lets me know I'm looking at the right person.  Now, I have plenty of ancestors who did use a middle name or initial on everything: deeds, census info, draft cards, etc and I thank them for this.  But when your name is Thomas Powers a middle initial would be a good thing, same as John Mason. Really guys, come on. Add to that Thomas Powers was born in Ireland, well gee, thanks for narrowing down the field to a few hundred for me.

I realize my ancestors didn't know I was going to come along and start digging in their business, if they had I'm sure they would have left a neatly written autobiography for me, but since I don't have the autobiography a middle name/initial would be great. I will keep digging away at Thomas and I will find something, someday, and the search will have paid off; but that doesn't mean I can't keep wishing that he would drop a clue or two my way.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, I am taking the blog plunge! No, I'm not a professional genealogist, I'm learning as I go. This learning has lead me to lots of wonderful blogs that have greatly helped me and maybe at some point I will be able to contribute something to someone else.