Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surname Saturday - Jones (please don't laugh)

Jones - talk about the needle in the haystack. I won't go into the origins of the name, heck it confuses me at times, but this site Jones Genealogy has lots of great info on the origins of the name and a good article on  Jones Patronymics.

So if I'm not giving the history why did I pick the name, well, because I still get nervous jumping into my Jones research. The number of Jones'  is daunting to look at, add on all  the common names like John, Sam, George, well you get the drift.

This post is to A) admit my nervousness B) pledge to conquer my fears and jump deeper in. This feels a bit easier now with another new found distant cousin who is also looking into the Jones line. With all these new distant cousins collaborating together, we just may uncover a few more secrets and have a few extra shoulders to lean on when the brick walls seem too high. So here goes:

My Jones' men

George Washington Jones (g-grandfather) 1890-1962 born in Alabama
 Andrew Belson Jones (gg-grandfather) 1862-1936 born in Alabama
  Belson Jones (ggg-grandfather) 1822-1894 born in SC
   Benjamin Jones Jr. (gggg-grandfather) 1795-1870 (still verifying)
    Benjamin Jones (ggggg-father) 1763-1846 (still verifying)

Andrew and Belson each fathered over 10 children, so the amount of distant cousins out there is, well, a lot (I've never been known for my math skills).

So, for all the other Jones researchers out there (I know your are out there) know this: you aren't alone, and neither am I with my new found cousins. So feel free to say hi, we can share stories and yell at our Jones' together ;)


  1. My Jones are from Cooke County, Texas and Buncombe County, North Carolina before that.

    The only thing more difficult than my Jones line are my third great-grandparents: Joseph and Mary Smith.

  2. I completly sympathise with your nervousness. While I don't have any Jones in my tree I do have Green, which is just as daunting a task!! Very overwhelming at times!!

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  4. Could you please email me at I am also a direct descendant of Andrew Belson Jones. He was my GG grandfather. I also am stuck @ a wall & would love to swap some info.