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Intermarrying cousins meet mind mapping!

At some point anyone who does genealogy will run into cousins marrying cousins, a sister marrying a widowed father in law (yep, really), and family groups that just can't seem to stay away from each other.

I have several groups, that I'm aware of, that intermarry, my Shanks line is one, my Adams and Atkins line... well that sends me into a near panic just looking at the intermarrying there. There are a few others I just haven't started untangling yet.

Recently when looking at DNA matches I realized when viewing other trees that there seemed to be a mingling of my Jones/Carter and Jennings/Bruce lines. I went round and round looking at trees and creating quick and dirty trees to sort it out and I realized -- I need to see this, not just look at different pedigree charts, but see the connection.

Luckily I have a mind mapping app (a visual thinking tool, a way to sort your thoughts out in a visual way). So,I started mapping out this line and what do you know, it worked! For m…

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