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Genealogy Office Redo

Genealogy Office - Finally!

I've been without a designated space to do my genealogy, unless the dining room table counts.

I don't work well this way, I need a space for my computer, my files, and all the files my grandmother and great grandmother left for me.

Well, I finally have it. I have a guest room that is only used a few times a year. My main hesitation in redoing it was that not only did the walls need painting but so did the ceiling; the previous owners left us with lime green and lavender walls and the ceiling was painted like the sky (just not well done) and covered with stickers - ugh!

So, I finally cleaned it out and started painting. I was also able to set up a great magnetic board that I can also jot notes on. This magnetic board was super important to me: I can hang up a local map for an area I'm researching, keep a family group sheet at eye level, and write a quick note on the board if I need to i.e., a birthdate and other info for a new relative I'm re…

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