Sunday, January 31, 2016

JONES Children

Here is a list of children for the Jones family groups listed in this post.

George Washington Jones
 Had 3 sons, some still living will not list here.

Andrew Belson Jones b. 1862 d 1936 - his children with Victoria Carter (Note: I have birth and death info for some of the children and I have some info for them that I can not verify at the moment. If you have correct birth and death dates for these children I would be grateful to be able to fill in the information).

  1. Annie Doll Jones b 1881
  2. Joseph Thomas (Tom) Jones b 1889
  3. George W. Jones b 1890
  4. Maggie Jones b 1894
  5. Maude Lou Jones b 1904
  6. Earl Jones
  7. Frank Jones
  8. Belson Jones
  9. Cora Jones
  10. Sam Jones
  11. Ethel Jones
  12. Lila Jones
  13. Willie Jones - died as a child 
  14. Otto Jones died as child

Belson Jones b 1822 d 1894 - his children with Mary Ann Jennings all children were born in Jefferson Co, AL (note same as above) Also, I do not have a full list of children born to Belson and his 2nd wife.

  1. Nancy Dulcena JONES B 1847 D 1892 (in Arkansas)
  2. Mary JONES b 1849 d ?? (notes say in Oklahoma)
  3. Elizabeth JONES b 1850 d 1933
  4. Virginia V JONES b 1852
  5. John B. JONES B 1855
  6. Sarah Ann JONES b 1857 d 1925
  7. Harriet JONES b 1859 d 1884 (Polk Co, GA)
  8. Andrew B. JONES b 1862 d 1936

Children of Benjamin Jones Jr and Mary ROSS, my research is incomplete. 


Recently I've become acquainted with a a group of Joneses who are doing a YDNA study for you guessed it JONES! Since I have a direct male Jones (or 2) willing to do the test I've jumped in. Here are is a list of my confirmed JONES ancestors.
This list is for collaboration with the JONES YDNA group and anyone else who may be connected with this line. I am also going to list the children, in a separate post, for these lines; as many of my ancestors had 7+ children; I'm 99% sure there is a child or 2 missing from these lists. If you are a part of this JONES line please feel free to let me know if a child is missing and also - Please let me know if there is an error and where I can confirm the new info.

 George Washington JONES b. 16, Aug 1890 d. 13 Dec 1962 (photo of George here: )

   m. Lula Leanna KILGORE (HUTCHINS 1ST marriage) b 29 Apr 1890 d 25 Feb 1983.

George was probably born in Calhoun or Etowah Co, AL (based on his parents living in and moving around this area). He and Lula lived in Gadsden AL; he is buried in Crestwood Cemetery.

George was a son of:
Andrew JONES b 1862 Jefferson Co, AL d. 22 Jan 1936 Ball Play, Cherokee AL.
  m. Victoria CARTER b 1861 GA d 25 Nov 1936 Cherokee AL

Andrew lived in Polk Co, GA (after the death of his mother), then Andrew is found in Calhoun, Etowah and Cherokee AL. He and Victoria are buried in Crossville Cemetery, Crossville, DeKalb Co, AL

Andrew was the son of:
Belson JONES b 1822 York Co, SC d 1894 Polk Co, GA
 m Mary Ann JENNINGS b 1826 SC d. 1862 Jefferson Co, AL

Belson and Maryann were married 30 July 1846 in Benton, Co, AL (now Calhoun Co). After that they are found in the Jonesboro area of Jefferson Co, AL. MaryAnn died in 1862 sometime after the birth of Andrew. Bleson then married Martha (Louisa) Murry in Calhoun Co, AL; the family is next found in Floyd GA, and then Polk Co, GA. He is buried in Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Cedartown, Polk Co, GA.

I think (still confirming) Belson was the son of: Benjamin JONES Jr. b 1795 NC d aft 1870 Jefferson Co, AL
 m Mary ROSS b. ?? d aft 1870 AL

 Benjamin Jr was the son of: (I'm still confining this info so please take with a grain of salt). Benjamin JONES Sr. b NC d SC
m Faithy ROBERTS