Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture Mystery Solved

Below is a picture that I have of unknown ancestors. Well, they were unknown to me and the little piece of paper that was taped to the back that listed these people had long since fell off. The picture was in with all of the Lloyd/Adams papers and pictures so I figured they were somehow related to that line. When I was last in Wilcox county Alabama I did drive around looking to see if there was a porch that had the same wood work pattern as shown in the picture, no luck.

Left to right, front row: Mrs. William Eugene Lloyd, 
Claudia Lloyd Stanford, William Lloyd Lazenby, 
Martha Barge Reynolds. Back Row: Ella Lloyd Lazenby, 
William Holt Lloyd, Mary Frances Reynolds Lloyd, 
Emma Reynolds Lloyd, Emma Reynolds Smith, 
James H. Reynolds, Harry Lazenby.

This month I finally made a trip to Salt Lake City for a few days of family history fun. While searching for more information about my ancestors in the Wilcox County Heritage book I found my picture printed. Yep, I almost fell out of my chair and I did want to jump up and down with joy.

My little mystery is finally solved, the bearded, balding man on the left is William Holt Lloyd (1841-1912), brother to my great great grandfather James B. Lloyd (Mr. J.B as he was known is mentioned in several of my earlier blog posts). Yeaaaaaaaa. I finally have names to put to the picture, and I only had to travel to Salt Lake City to find him. Now that I do have a name for him I can see the family resemblance when I look at pictures of J.B. Lloyd.

I have a few more finds I'll post over the next couple of weeks.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Salt Lake City finds - still sorting

My trip to Salt Lake City was great; though I could have stayed an extra week or two in the library. I'm still sifting through all of my finds and figuring out where I stand with a few of my ancestors. I did have a few great finds that answered a few questions and of course a most finds have led to many more questions.

As soon as work lets up a little this week I will post about finding out the names to a group of people in an old photo I have. Yep, had to go all the way to Salt Lake City to find the answer.