Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sources, ARGH!

So, I've been going through all of my sources in Reunion for Mac and rewriting the source information. Let me just say how much fun that is (lots of sarcasm intended). I thought I was doing a good job of citing my sources but it seems I've omitted a few key fields here and there. Ugh!  This project is long overdue, but if I want to take my self seriously and find all of my info later, well it needs to be done.

Now the next project may require a small army of volunteers; I'm resorting and refiling all of my genealogy paperwork. If you read Paper and more Paper and you may sympathize or laugh hysterically at my situation.

So, what are the fun projects all of you are working on, outside of research? Any words of advice? Or links to filing systems you all find helpful?


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