Ok, I'm a day late, but oh well here goes anyway :)

I've only been seriously researching for 2 years, though I did dabble for about 4 years prior to the addiction kicking in.  Recently I was contacted by someone from, she had seen my photo request for Belson Jones (1822-1894), buried in Polk Co, GA and inquired as to if I was related. I said that yes he was my 3rd great grandfather, and guess what, he is her 3rd great grandfather also (we come down through 1 of Belson's sons, Andrew).  We both had information the other didn't have so we started sending emails back and forth and now share a tree on so we can share info. She also introduced me via email to another distant cousin and between the 3 of us we just may bust down a few walls.  One of the greatest gifts I have received from this collaboration are 2 pictures,  1 of Andrew Jones (ggrandfather) and his wife Victoria Carter Jones (ggrandmother) and one of my ggrandfather, George W Jones, standing beside his 2 of his brothers (pic below, standing on left). (The crazy part about the picture below, my dad is the spitting image of his grandfather George W. Jones, and when I saw this picture, I was almost breathless and seeing the resemblance).

I also view this blog as being away to collaborate with others, heck you never know who you will meet and who may have that little tidbit of info that sends you climbing up a new branch.


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