Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sentimental Sunday - My grandmothers 91st birthday party

While I was back in Alabama for vacation I was able to be with my grandmother for her 91st birthday party. Mary Bolt Lloyd turned 91 on May 22.  It was so nice to be there with her, my mother and my aunt, but the part that really choked me up was that my 2 year old son was there also and my grandmother was all smiles watching D run around and eat cake. I don't think D will remember the party when he grows up, though I do have pictures, but I will remember that 4 generations were there that day celebrating.

Photo by j l jones
Here is my grandmother trying to keep D
from diving straight into the cake ;)

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  1. I think I missed your visit by a few days. I was told there was an elderly woman at the house who said she spent summers there with her grandfather (your grandmother maybe?) but she hadn't been back in decades. She wanted to walk through but the key was unavailable. The young man she was with left a history sheet (lost since then). I was sad to hear she was unable to walk through. She sat & talked to my sister for awhile with fond memories. I have heard about the family from elders in town on my visits.