Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Powers grave site

I was lucky to be able to get up to Marion Co, TN during my trip to Alabama, and so happy to be able to find McNabb Cemetery II to see and photograph the grave sites of Thomas Powers (my 4th great grandfather) Sallie McNabb Powers (4th great grandmother).

I am very thankful to the lady working at a nearby gas station who gave me directions to the cemetery since somehow my printed map to the cemetery never made it across the country (I blame fairies). The road the cemetery sits on is a lot like a roller coaster. 12.9 miles down a twisty turny road in the rain, with the Tennessee river on my right and the mountainside on my left. The scenery was beautiful.

View of the river out of my car window
taken by Jeri L Jones

About the 4th time I thought "I'm on the wrong road, I'm lost, I didn't come all this way to not find the cemetery" there it sat, between the road and the Tennessee River, McNabb Cemetery II (well I was hoping it was II)

Gates of McNabb Cemetery II
taken by Jeri L Jones
So, though the rain was coming down good, and I could hear the thunder getting closer, there was no way I was staying in the car; all the way from Denver Co and Thomas and Sallie's graves were just a few feet away.  I wandered around not knowing which area the graves would be in and then I spotted a nicely kept group plot down the hill a bit.

Powers family plot
taken by Jeri L Jones

It was them: Sallie, Thomas, daughter Mary Jane, son Silas and his wife, 1 child of Silas and another child who may be Silas' or from another child.

Thomas Powers Jan 2, 1826-
Jan 3, 1906
(daughter Mary Jane Powers shares a stone
with her father, though she does pose a
new mystery)
Photo taken by Jeri L Jones

Sallie Powers
Mar 20, 1836-
Jan 10, 1927
Photo taken by Jeri L Jones

I also spent some time in the library and found the early deed from 1880 when Thomas Powers purchased land from David McNabb (I think David is Sallie's father, but no proof). The deed info is going to take some serious investigation since the boundaries are listed as: the Tennessee River, beginning  with a box alder on the property of Silas McNabb, passing by a walnut by the old road, thence up the mountain and cornering with the black hickories. Yep, that tells me he at least had a river view :) There are a few names listed on adjoining properties but I'm not too sure the hickories and box alder will still be a good landmark.

I took a few more pictures at the cemetery and wanted to take more but the thunder and lightning finally got close enough to make me want to take cover. I will try to get back at some point and take pictures of all the graves in the cemetery as many of them are crumbling and becoming more unreadable.  


  1. Brenda Powers HeuerApril 6, 2012 at 11:22 PM

    Thomas and Sarah(McNabb) Powers were my greatgrand parents. William Powers was my grandfather,his son Silas was my father. I know very little about my grandparents and greatgrandparents. I know my Dad said that his grandfather Thomas came from Ireland at 16 alone. He stowed away on a cattle boat to America. Would like to compare information. I was raised in Marion Co.I lived on the other side of the river. I've been to the graveyard when I was very young,. I live in Chattanooga Tennessee,about 45 min. away form Marion Co.

    1. Hi Brenda, I would love to talk more with you about the Powers family. If you could reply again and leave me your email address, it will make correspondence much easier. I'll put together some info I do have on Thomas, which isn't much.
      Thanks so much for replying to this post, you are the 1st Powers connection I've made :)

  2. Brenda Powers HeuerApril 7, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    Hey Jeri, I am so excited to hear from you. I just started my journey on my ancestors this week. Here is my e-mail address brendaheuer@yahoo.com
    Hope to hear from you soon.