Monday, April 25, 2011

They spelled it how?

Ok, one of the 1st things you hear when starting out in genealogy is to try different spellings of a name. Makes sense not everyone could read or write and some just wrote what they heard, I get it. So imagine my surprise when I found a listing on findagrave for my ggg-grandparents with a spelling from way out in left field.

I've been searching for death dates and locations for George S. Hammond and Lucy Spears Hammond for a while now.  I've tried various spellings: Hammon, Hammonds, Hammons; you get the picture. That is why I was so surprised to find their names on their headstones, spelled HAMMOANE. What? Their son is buried next to them with the spelling of Hammond, so my head is spinning trying to figure out where that spelling came from.  They are in several census' with the spelling of Hammond, so did the engraver just put in something that was close? Did they get a discount for having it spelled wrong?

Whatever the reason for the spelling (though I'm going to keep searching for the reason behind it) I'm glad to have found George and Lucy, buried in the same cemetery (Pilgrims Rest, Southside in Gadsden, AL) as their daughter, Nancy Elizabeth Hammond Kilgore.


  1. hi! I know this is an old post, but this came up as I do my research. George S Hammond is also my GGG grandparents. Do you have any idea who George S Hammond's parents are?

    1. H Lauren, I have not touched this line in a while. I do have a few notes that I made and the only good lead I have is that the father is George Hammond and mother is Unity Smith. These are just leads but it may lead somewhere good. I'll keep digging; and I'm happy to share info.