Sunday, January 31, 2016

JONES Children

Here is a list of children for the Jones family groups listed in this post.

George Washington Jones
 Had 3 sons, some still living will not list here.

Andrew Belson Jones b. 1862 d 1936 - his children with Victoria Carter (Note: I have birth and death info for some of the children and I have some info for them that I can not verify at the moment. If you have correct birth and death dates for these children I would be grateful to be able to fill in the information).

  1. Annie Doll Jones b 1881
  2. Joseph Thomas (Tom) Jones b 1889
  3. George W. Jones b 1890
  4. Maggie Jones b 1894
  5. Maude Lou Jones b 1904
  6. Earl Jones
  7. Frank Jones
  8. Belson Jones
  9. Cora Jones
  10. Sam Jones
  11. Ethel Jones
  12. Lila Jones
  13. Willie Jones - died as a child 
  14. Otto Jones died as child

Belson Jones b 1822 d 1894 - his children with Mary Ann Jennings all children were born in Jefferson Co, AL (note same as above) Also, I do not have a full list of children born to Belson and his 2nd wife.

  1. Nancy Dulcena JONES B 1847 D 1892 (in Arkansas)
  2. Mary JONES b 1849 d ?? (notes say in Oklahoma)
  3. Elizabeth JONES b 1850 d 1933
  4. Virginia V JONES b 1852
  5. John B. JONES B 1855
  6. Sarah Ann JONES b 1857 d 1925
  7. Harriet JONES b 1859 d 1884 (Polk Co, GA)
  8. Andrew B. JONES b 1862 d 1936

Children of Benjamin Jones Jr and Mary ROSS, my research is incomplete.